The Halfbike Is the Standing Desk of Bicycles

If you were under the impression that a pair of large wheels supporting a seat under your butt was the only gas-free way to get around a city, you’ve clearly forgotten about the innovative Halfbike first introduced last year. But that’s OK, because there’s now a new and improved version for urban dwellers that promises the same workout in a sleeker design.

There’s actually nothing wrong with a traditional two-wheeled bike. At least until you try to squeeze it into an elevator, onto a subway car, or take it almost anywhere in an urban setting other than the street. To make it easier to transport and store, the Halfbike II uses a smaller front wheel than most bikes have, and trades the back wheel for a pair of tiny tires giving it the appearance of a large tricycle.

However, the Halfbike II is still ridden like a traditional bicycle using pedals closer to its mid-section. The big difference is that there’s no seat, so you have to stand the entire time. It results in a smaller footprint for the bike making it easier to squeeze through traffic and crowds while riding, and thanks to a folding handle, it’s even easier to take with you on public transportation.

The only trade-off of the Halfbike II’s unique design is that cycling becomes a slightly more rigorous workout. But that’s the same reason people opt for a standing desk at work, right? So whether or not being harder to ride is viewed as a pro or a con is up to each individual rider.

The first backers of Kolelinia’s Kickstarter campaign for the Halfbike II can pre-order the innovative cycle, with a July delivery, for just $350. And assuming it reaches its $50,000 crowd-funding goal and everything goes smoothly as the bike goes into production, the final retail version is expected to sell for around $600. So it’s pricier than a cheap used bike no one would ever want to steal, but you can also easily bring the Halfbike II up to your office during the day to ensure it’s safe while you’re at work.

source: by Andrew Liszewski

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