Transformers Toys Have The Most Exciting Battles

Who needs CGI animated cartoons and movies when stop-motion Transformers battles can be this good?

It’s a relatively ordinary day in the mixed-continuity of animator Harris Loureiro. Bumblebee and Wheeljack are on a routine patrol when they encounter some Decepticon resistance. They call for backup, and for a while it looks like the Autobots are going to win the day.

Problem is, Harris owns the Make Toys Giant TFC Toys Hercules Devastator-esque set, and heloves animating it.

Suddenly the tides have turned, and Devastator, some Predacons and six-changer Hexatron(Sixshot) begin wiping the floor with the good guys. Who can save them? Cue inspirational music.

Optimus Prime shows up, as he does, taking down Sixshot while the Dinobots make short work of Devastator. The day is saved!

Oh wait.

Looks like Harris got his hands on an Apollyon Megatron. Nevermind that the third-party version of the Decepticon leader has no faction symbol—that just makes him more dangerous.

Thanks to a combination of official Masterpiece releases from Hasbro and Takara, several expensive third-party bots and at least one Power Core Combiner set from the Walmart discount aisle, Mr. Loureiro has completely outdone himself, creating a 15 minute master work that outshines many attempts at bringing the Transformers to life that came before. All it needs is some professional voice work and it would be perfect.

And this is why my desk is covered with Transformers at any given time. I just keep forgetting to film them.

source: by Mike Fahey

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