Puppy doesn’t understand his hiccups

Everyone hates getting those pesky hiccups that won’t go away, but no one hates it (or is cuter about it) than this little pup.

Buck is an 8-week-old Heeler who is new to hiccups, and when he got some he just couldn’t shake, he couldn’t hide his adorable frustration.

Buck begins by trying to sit very still to see if they’ll go away — nope. Then he tries to bite them — still doesn’t work. So then Buck opts for full-on aggression, letting out his inner attack dog and barking at them to no avail.

“What are these things inside me!? I will scare them away!” Matthew Kennelly wrote on Buck’s behalf in the description for his YouTube video.

When all else fails, Buck checks behind him to see who could be causing the black magic. When he realizes there’s nothing there, all he can do is let out a defeated groan.

Buck, we don’t mean to take pleasure in your distress, but we are. You’re too darn cute.

source: today.com by Matt Murray

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