17 Big-Batch Cocktails To Whip Up At Your Next Outdoor Party

This summer, make one resolution: Host the most kick-ass outdoor parties of the season, and do so effortlessly.

The secret to achieving the title of Best Host Ever is the big-batch cocktail. You can mix up an enormous pitcher, jar or jug of something strong and tasty, then sit back and relax.

Your guests will be wildly impressed by the presentation of your big batch cocktail, and yet, actually following the recipes couldn’t be simpler. (Some secrets are better left untold.) You won’t have to lug a cooler of watered-down beer to your lawn, nor will you have to clear your liquor cabinet of half-drunk spirits. You will own this summer with the help of big pitcher and a colorful drink. Find a favorite recipe in the round-up below and get ready to claim your new title.


source: huffingtonpost.com By

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