5 Futuristic and Mind Blowing Products Made of Nano-Materials

Nano technology is becoming more useful every day. The tech has been used in medicine, construction and even fashion. There is an increasing demand for nano-materials that will help produce new tech that could change people’s lives for the better.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, “nano-sized particles exist in nature and can be created from a variety of products, such as carbon or minerals like silver, but nano-materials by definition must have at least one dimension that is less than approximately 100 nanometers. Most nano-scale materials are too small to be seen with the naked eye — even with conventional lab microscopes.” These materials can help improve other organisms in the long run.


In recent years, researchers have created nano-needles that act the same way larger needles do on lab mice. The tiny needles stay inside the body and then over a short period, they began to bio-degrade. This type of tech will be used to help burn victims with skin treatment, organ transplants and cell regeneration.


Israel-based researchers have created a nano retina that is currently being tested on chicks. The retinas would allow people to see light at different frequencies, which means people could see in the dark. The nano-film would act like a contact.


Northwestern University researchers  have created a nano-material that acts like an electric conductor. This tech would make all forms of technology unable to become obsolete. That means, according to researchers, this technology “can rearrange themselves to meet different computational needs at different times.”

Water Filter Coating

The coating would be just nanometers thick and would be used to clean up oil spills like the 2010 British Petroleum spill. This tech was inspired by water lilies and their ability to repel water. The great thing about this tech is that it is only $1 to reproduce per square foot.

Liquid Metal

There is a liquid-metal alloy created by Chinese researchers at the Tsinghua University that creates complex shapes. It is formed from gallium iridium, and tin and can be electrically controlled. Jing Liu, one of the researchers who worked on the project, said that “the soft machine looks rather intelligent and (can) deform itself according to the space it voyages in, just like (the) Terminator does from the science-fiction film.”

source: atlantablackstar.com by Ricky Riley

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