Drake Is Rumored to Be Joining Apple Alongside Pharrell And David Guetta

Though it’s easy to focus on the remarkably logical rumors associated with Apple secretly building its very own line of electric cars or Kanye West dropping SWISH (title pending) as an Apple exclusive next month, there’s another rumor afoot that’s even more plausible — at least in the immediate sense. According to the New York Post, Apple is rumored to be in talks with Drake regarding a proposed $19 million deal that would include a guest DJ spot on the soon-to-relaunch iTunes Radio — in addition to other unspecified capacities for the reigning 6 god.

According to the Post‘s “music industry sources,” Pharrell and David Guetta are also being considered as additions to the iTunes Radio overhaul. Whether any of these alleged Apple team-ups ever mature from rumor to fact or not, Apple is clearly aiming to topple or at least significantly weaken the power of Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, and similar platforms.

In fact, Apple Music — in addition to being the rumored home of the forthcoming SWISH — will reportedly “combine the best features” of all three aforementioned platforms by incorporating the tentatively titled feature Apple Connect, wherein users can share content in a YouTube-like environment.

And somewhere in America, a struggle rapper is furiously tweetingDrake-inspired vitriol from an iPhone — failing to enjoy or even acknowledge the possible irony.

source: complex.com BY

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