These Young San Francisco Artists Will Soon Be Household Names

In the art world, movements come and go. What might seem trendy or new during one season seems outdated by the next. But a city like San Francisco is especially well-suited to throw those rules out of the window.

The Bay Area art scene flourishes in the face of difficulty—like rising rent costs and the closing of galleries—to find not only alternative spaces but also new ways of creating. The city’s emerging artists prove that no single style reigns supreme—San Francisco welcomes all varieties of expression. These already-successful artists will inevitably become even more talked about as their signature styles help their creative paths gain recognition in the Bay Area and beyond.


Image via APEX


The murals of APEX, also known as Ricardo Richey, have appeared in numerous parts of San Francisco. Integral to the street art movement in the Mission area, APEX also boasts a number of exhibitions in major Bay Area art galleries. Already well-known within the street art scene, APEX will undoubtedly remain an important figure in the history of San Francisco’s public art—not to mention the fact that his bright, abstract work catches the eye of any Bay Area wanderers, new or old.

Charmaine Olivia

Image via Charmaine Olivia on Facebook

Following Charmaine Olivia on Instagram is a little like stepping into a fantasy world. That bears mentioning because her aesthetic merges so easily with her artistic persona. The figures that Olivia portrays in her pieces seem to blend right into the background, all bright colors and drippy details. They are alluring yet unsettling—a style that Olivia does so well.


Image via Eva Recinos


Only a chosen few know the real identity of GATS, a street artist that uses a big-toothed, eerie face as a recurring mark. GATS’ work adapts well to the gallery setting, but it thrives in the streets—near BART tracks, on abandoned buildings, and more. Though GATS’ identity might be under wraps, it’s hard to forget the familiar yet ever-shifting face that seems to lurk behind plenty of San Francisco corners.

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