Stussy Continues to Dominate This Year With a New Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Stussy is absolutely killing it in 2015. The brand, which has already released collaborations with Dover Street Market, SOPHNET., Union L.A., Mastermind Japan, Loopwheeler, Slam Jam, and Champion in addition to its own collection, is adding to its prolific output with another range for Spring/Summer 2015 entitled “The Rest Is Silence.” 

The new pack is a special black-and-white release from Stussy’s New York chapter store. The collection includes T-shirts emblazoned with a variety of prints, such as a photograph from the supremely influential artist Ari Marcopoulos, the range’s title, and a graphic that references the Spring St. street sign, where the store is located. Stussy also offers up a Coach’s jacket, crewneck sweater, and snapback as part of the new collection.

The pack, “The Rest Is Silence,” is exclusively available at Stussy’s New York chapter store now.

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