A Homeless Man Turned in $2,400 That He Found, Gave Away $5,000 Raised for Him, and Asked For a Job Instead

A homeless man in Langford, British Columbia is paying it forward in a big way.

The man found $2,400 on the street and turned it in to police. His honesty led others in the community to start a gofundme campaign to fundraise on his behalf.

Upon being presented with news of the funds collected, the homeless man requested that the money be donated to an organization called Our Place in order to help other people in need.

Police asked the man to think overnight about his decision to give away the more than $5,000 raised for him– the homeless man, who said that he was in his 60s, returned the next day and still insisted that the money be given to others. He told the authorities that what he really wanted was a job.

The man requested to not be identified, but the community is working to help find him employment.

source: complex.com BY ALEX HUDGENS


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