How Your Body Reacts To Drinking Red Bull

The energy drink has become one of the staple drink I fondly consume when I was still studying before my board exams. It has been a huddle for me to review for my boards while working at the same time. These drink was my source for extra energy back then.

But when I was hospitalized due to palpitation, I stopped drinking Red Bull when I found out what it actually does to our body.

  1. It can cause the blood to become sticky
  2. Contains Aspartame which is neurotoxic, fatal and carcinogenic in nature. Chances of getting Cancer and Heart Disease is increased.
  3. Can cause impairment to the blood vessels, which increases risk of developing blood clots

Only 1 hour after drinking Red Bull will give you results of an abnormal blood system similar to that of a patient with cardiovascular disease.

The big brand Red Bull has stated that their energy drink is similar to drinking a cup of coffee or soda. You might get the same effect from the caffeine with an increased reaction speed and all of the added artificial sweeteners and sugar will definitely give you a short burst of energy.But the difference between an energy drink and coffee is that no one really knows how all of the other ingredients in a Red Bull react to caffeine and in your body.


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