A GoPro Makes a Swing Feel Like a Roller Coaster

Slides, teeter-totters, and even merry-go-rounds are all just bit players at a playground. The real star of the show are always the swing sets, because as this first-person GoPro footage reminds us, they’re about as close as you can get to riding a roller coaster without any kind of safety gear.

This particular daredevil is Rait Karus who’s riding a special over-sized swing with rigid arms that actually allows him to eventually do a complete loop. But this could also just as easily be any kid at a playground on a Saturday afternoon.

Even though in your heart of hearts you knew that doing a complete loop on a chain-hung swing was impossible, it didn’t stop you from trying with all your might. And who needs safety harnesses or seatbelts when you’ve got a sea of sand to cushion any falls?


source: gizmodo.com by Andrew Liszewski

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