Banana Peels Are Your New Weight Loss Weapon (and 3 ways to eat them)

Bananas are famous for being very rich in potassium. You will be surprised to know that 40% of that potassium comes from the peel only. This 40% of potassium is all what your body needs to lose all those pounds. Potassium is a great metabolism booster and in that way your body burns more calories. Did we mention that it creates a lot of energy for you so you can build those muscles? When you feel a lot of caged energy you are inclined to let it out and eventually lose weight.

Banana peels contain Vitamin B & A and antioxidants that strengthen your metabolism even more. Another huge factor is that the peel has a lot of fiber. It contains more finger than the banana itself. Fiber helps in keeping you full and satisfied for longer than usual.


Yellow bananas that are at their peak of ripeness help greatly to fight off cancer and assist in producing more white blood cells. But if you are looking forward to lose weight then you better go for the green bananas. They have a lot more probiotics that are important to your digestive health. Green peels also help in raising dopamine and serotonin levels to 15%.

Really now?

Many people might gag at the idea of eating the icky peel. Nothing is yummy about these things. But if you are creative enough you will definitely come up with ways to eat the banana peel without feeling grossed out and without even tasting the bad flavor.

The first way is to make a smoothie and just cut of the bottom and top of ends of a banana. Cut these bits off and pop the entire fruit in the blender.

Another option is that you make a banana peel tea. Simply boil your peels (they have to be clean from the top and bottom ends) in some water for about 10 minutes. Strain them, add some honey and sip away.

An important note is that you buy natural bananas that can stop you from feeling any danger of pesticides. Don’t start judging anything before you try it. Go ahead and give it a try then you can pass your opinions. Just remember to remove the top and bottom ends of the bananas.

source: by Ryan

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