The “Bred” Air Jordan XI IE Lows Are Coming Back

The O.G. “Cobalt” Air Jordan XI IE Low saw its first retro in more than a decade last weekend, and now we’re learning that its black counterpart is also primed for a comeback.

According to Trey Steiger, the “Black/Red” XI IE Lows will be joining the “Cobalt” pair sooner than later. He didn’t offer much more in the way of info, but it’s safe to say we’ll probably see these before the end of the year.

This pair is notable in that it was actually worn by Michael Jordan himself on the hardwood. In May of 1996, M.J. torched the New York Knicks with 35 points while wearing the O.G. XI IE Lows.

Unlike the “Cobalt” XI IE Lows which saw their second retro last weekend, this will actually be the third time that the “Black/Red” colorway has been giving the retro treatment since its O.G. release in 1996. Although there have been subtle changes each time, these dropped in 2003 and again in 2011.

source: BY

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