Watching the Numbers Flow on This Ferrofluid Clock Is Almost Therapeutic

Ferrofluid is a wonderful metallic goo that magically reacts to the presence of a magnetic field. To date it’s really only been used in mesmerizing desk toys, but Zelf Koelma has found a way to manipulate the material into an animated clock that perfectly represents the flow of time.

Ferrolic is the kind of art you really can stare at all day, and probably will without realizing it. A thin layer of ferrofluid is trapped behind a glass panel, and behind that is a series of hidden magnets that manipulate and position the black goo to form digits.

It’s the kind of thing you see for the first time and scream, “want!,” and the good news is that you can actually custom order a Ferrolic for your own office. But since Zelf is only producing 24 of them in a very limited edition run, each clock will sell for just north of $8,300. So maybe you’re better off just keeping this video on loop and admiring Zelf’s creation that way.

source: by Andrew Liszewski

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