Apple Is Close to Testing a Self-Driving Car, Report Says

Apple‘s self-driving, electric car is closer to hitting the road for testing than anyone expected, according to a new report from The Guardian that cites internal documents from the world’s most valuable company as proof.

So just as iOS and Android will continue to battle it out for the phone-sized space in your pocket, Google, which has been the leader in developing self-driving cars so far, will probably end up battling it out with Apple for control of the roads.

The documents that The Guardian obtained through a public records request reportedly show that Apple has been taking a hard look at a place called Gomentum Station, an old naval base north of Silicon Valley that features many miles of empty roads, overpasses, tunnels and other traffic infrastructure that will be used for testing self-driving cars.

Their interest in this testing ground leads the newspaper to believe that a top secret Apple car, dubbed Project Titan, is close to being ready for testing.

Gomentum Station is also super high security, which is perfect for Apple, which is notoriously secret. As long as some Apple engineer doesn’t leave one parked outside a bar with the keys in it, there probably won’t be any iPhone-like leaks on the “iCar.”

source: BY

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