Your iPhone’s Charge Could Last 7 Days With the World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Battery

A British technology company called Intelligent Energy has developed ahydrogen-powered battery that could charge your iPhone and keep it charged FOR A WEEK. A whole week!

Imagine going charger-free for seven days. What would you even do with yourself, now that you’ve freed up all the brain space you usually allotted to keeping track of your charger, untangling your charger, wondering how you will entertain yourself in the moments when you are temporarily tethered to a wall outlet. (Play on your phone, duh.) Think of the number of times you will be at a social function and be forced to say, “Does anyone have an iPhone 4 charger?” (Look, you’re waiting for an upgrade in this hypothetical.) The answer is: exactly zero times.

But iPhone 4 users, don’t get your hopes up yet (or ever—as a member of this dying breed, I can say we are irreversibly headed toward an iPhone 4-free world). This new technology can be incorporated into an iPhone 6 seamlessly, but there’s no word on whether it will work with other smartphone models. Intelligent Energy executives are currently considering how they will set the price of the battery. They are said to be working closely with Apple.

source: BY

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