Cyclist rides straight down the vertical wall of a dam and plunge crashes into water

The big surprise in this legitimately bonkers biking video is that there is absolutely no surprise in what happens. You see everything happen before it happens even though you’re in disbelief as it is about to happen and question if this could really happen. I mean, the bike rider, Primož Ravnik, rides straight down the wall of a 200-foot dam and smacks himself right into the water as if it is a completely natural thing to do.

It sounds so innocent and possibly even sensible when written down like that but when you watch the video, the drop is so steep—it’s a wall and walls by definition are things that are vertical—and the water basically acts as the ground that he crashes into that it’s just pure crazy.

source: by Casey Chan

2 thoughts on “Cyclist rides straight down the vertical wall of a dam and plunge crashes into water”

  1. Some observations and thoughts:
    Does the cyclist actually ride at full speed? If so he will reach a speed of approx. 35 m/s or 126 km/h!(72 mph) According to the site
    (translate to your own language) the velocity at hitting the water is 70 km/h.
    On this page you see that at the end the ramp is not as steep as in the beginning. So the trajectory of the cycler is somewhat deflected towards horizontal.
    Also just before hitting the water, the cycler thus something that you can see when you lower the speed of the video to 0.25 (settings  speed  0.25).
    All the time of the descent you see the steering bar just until 0.32 seconds. After that the cycler raises his head so that the bar is no longer visible. Than at 0.33 the bar becomes visible again.
    What the cycler is actually doing is pushing down on the ramp and lifting his bike so that it will be in horizontal position on impact. You will also notice that his front wheel hits the water first at the bottom side, not at the front.
    On the original youtube video you see the cycler surface again (life jacket) to watch the ramp and his floating(!) bike at 0.39. You also see a helper entering the water to come to his aid.
    You say bonkers, I say a guy who knows his physics and starts well prepared.
    Why do people do this things? I don’t know but I sure like to watch.
    Fat Cat, keep bringing these items 😀

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