Boiled Corn: Seven Reasons Why It Is an Excellent Food

Corn, also referred to as maize, is one of the most popular cereal grains in the world. It’s nutritious, providing fiber, which aids in digestion, plus folate, thiamin, phosphorus, vitamin C, and magnesium (about 10% of the daily value for each).’

Maize is a popular food item, enjoyed by people in various forms, like, whole corn, corn flour, cornstarch, corn gluten, corn syrup, cornmeal, corn oil, popcorn, cornflakes, etc.

Apart from its highly palatable taste, corn is also abundant in nutritional properties.

Nutritional properties

It a great tool against excess weight as a cup of cooked corn contains only 124 calories.

Corn has very low content of saturated fat and does not contain cholesterol.

In addition, it packs high amounts of iron and fiber, folic acid and vitamin C, B6, and B9.

Health benefits

  • It regulates digestion
  • It lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • It reduces the absorption of cholesterol in the body
  • It controls diabetes and hypertension
  • It reduces the possibility of hemorrhoid recurrence
  • It strengthens bones
  • It has positive effects on skin and eyesight

Corn makes the perfect addition to various dishes and salads.



source: by Magde

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