Shaquille O’Neal: Anthony Davis Is “Probably” The Best Power Forward In The NBA

Shaq has never been one to hold his tongue to the press when speaking his mind to the media.

Last month in a Wall Street Journal interview, Shaq was asked if he feels that New Orleans Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis has the skill set and size to guard him. O’Neal responded that the 2015 NBA MVP runner-up was “too little” for him, and further quipped “that’s barbecue chicken down there.”

Well, it seems that Shaq has changed his tune when it comes to his 6-foot-8 son Shareef, who is now a top high school recruit who is close to the 6-foot-10 Davis’s height and body type. According to Shaq, he wants his son, a power forward, to model his game after the New Orleans sensation. Shaq had this to say further about his son and Davis’ game:

”I told him to watch Anthony because he’s probably going to be the same height and have the same type of build. Not skinny, but long. ”He’s (Davis) probably the best at that position. He can run, rebound, dominate take over games. He’s going to do his thing this year.”

Speaking in Shaq’s terms, in basketball, The Big Artistotle is no spring chicken at age 43. Since Shareef has proven that he can beat his dad 1-on-1, doesn’t this mean that Shaq’s old Big Daddy dentures wouldn’t be able to chew through either of these barbeque chicken meals anymore?

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