Driver Jumps Out of Moving Car to Avoid Spider, Crashes

In today’s news related to “my worst, most unlikely fears come true,” a woman was driving in Syracuse when she felt a spider on her shoulder, jumped out of the car to avoid it, and caused a potentially horrible crash.

Angela Kipp, 35, was backing out of her driveway when she saw the not-so-itsy-bitsy spider, Huffington Post reports. That’s when she jumped out of the car, causing her 9-year-old son to move from the back seat to try to hit the brakes. He hit the accelerator instead, which sent the Dodge Avenger right into a passing school bus. Yikes.

Authorities were unable to say whether Kipp would face charges, but no one was injured in the accident. There were no passengers on the bus, and although Kipp’s son was thrown from the vehicle, he wasn’t hurt either.

No word on what happened to the spider.


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