President Obama Made An Extremely Honest Point About Gun Control

President Obama looked visibly shaken as he spoke about the shooting at UCC on Thursday evening. He noted he’s had to give press conferences on similar incidents far too many times, a powerful reminder little has changed in this country in regard to gun violence.

It’s easy to understand why the president appeared so distraught. There have been 142 school shootings since Sandy Hook — and 45 this year alone — but what have we done about it as a society?

In what was perhaps his most powerful point, President Obama made it clear that gun violence in America is on all of us. Preventing future shootings is our collective responsibility.

Indeed, mass shootings are on the rise, but public opinion on gun control remains static even after such tragedies. It’s no wonder more lawmakers don’t push for common sense gun laws.

There’s no simple solution to the issue of gun violence, but standing idly by and ignoring the problem certainly won’t change anything.

source: by John Haltiwanger

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