Apple’s Already Patented an Idea for an iRing

Apple already gave us the gift of “live photos,” and rumor has it the tech giant is planning on rolling out electric cars by 2019, just in time before Kanye runs for president, so what’s next for Apple? A Ring. Apple has already drawn up plans to make us kiss the ring, according to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent application released Thursday, titled ‘’Devices and Methods for a Ring Computing Device,’ states the touch display ring would be worn on the index finger and would be controlled by the thumb. The application describes the “iRing” as:  “A wearable ring device comprising: an annular member defining an aperture there through that is sized for receipt therein of a first finger of a user; a computer processor housed in the annular member; a touchscreen electrically connected to the computer processor and disposed at least partially at an outer peripheral surface of the annular member, wherein the touchscreen is configured to receive input from a second finger of the user.”

The ring may include a microphone, allowing for the voice command ‘Hey Siri’ tool and may give haptic feedback, alerting a user to notifications. Users could even control devices like an Apple TV or iPhone with the ring. One of the coolest features though is how the ring may be able to detect your hand motion to capture handwriting.

This doesn’t mean Apple’s definitely working on this but it’s gotta make you think: Are we ready for an Apple bling ring?

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