Stephen Curry Torches the Pelicans For Second Time This Week, Drops 53 Points

No matter the defensive schemes, no team in the NBA can stopStephen Curry. That’s why he’s the reigning MVP who can make it rain from wherever he sets his feet in the gym.

So for Halloween tonight, he was, well, Stephen Curry. He dressed up as himself and dropped 53 points on Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans. Dude scored 28 points in the third quarter alone. And this is the second time this week that he went off on the Pelicans. On Banner Night last Wednesday, he dropped 40 on them (Damn, son!). Simply. On. Fire. Even his mistakes ended up going in.

And he became the third player in Golden State’s history to have at least three 50-point games. He’s in the same company as NBA legends Wilt Chamberlain (yes, he played for the Warriors, too) and Rick Barry.

And, of course, the Warriors won 134-120. Happy Halloween. Tricks (for the Pelicans) and treat (for the fans).

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