It’s a Camarosplosion: Chevy Rolls Out More Modified Camaros for SEMA

With the arrival of the sixth-generation Camaro, you knew Chevrolet would want to make a big splash with the car at the 2015 SEMA show. We’ve already seen the Camaro SS Red Accent Package concept (a silver convertible with, yes, red accents), the thematically opposite Camaro SS Black Accent Package concept (a red coupe with black), as well as a Camaro Red Line series (a silver coupe with red-and-black accents). Chevrolet’s philosophy, however, seems to be: Why stop at three? So the company sent forth to SEMA another four Camaros, and again they’re known mostly by their color schemes.

Chevrolet Camaro Hyper

The Chevy Camaro Hyper concept (pictured at top) takes its name from its Hyper Blue paint, which is set off by a pair of retro-style rally stripes and a Ceramic White interior. This Camaro V-6 coupe also features a suspension lowering kit, a performance exhaust, and 20-inch wheels. Other special visuals include silver grille inserts, a blue engine cover, a front fascia extension in blue, a black bow-tie emblem that lights up, additional interior illumination, and some minor interior trim bits. Both the exterior and interior colors are available from the factory, and all the other bits save the stripes and the retro-style badges are available now as accessories.


Chevrolet Camaro Black

The Camaro Black concept is an SS coupe that gets the full blackout treatment—save only for the red LEDs under the headlamps, which give it sort of a bleary-eyed look. That’s only fitting given the show’s venue in the hangover capital of the world, Las Vegas. The black or darkened bits include the 20-inch wheels, the windows, hood vents, a ground-effects kit, a rear spoiler, the emblems and badges, and the taillamps. Mechanically, the car sports a suspension lowering kit, a brake upgrade kit, a performance exhaust, and a cold-air intake.

Chevrolet Camaro Performance

Many consider white to be the absence of color rather than a color itself; perhaps that’s why this white SS coupe goes by the rather generic moniker Camaro Performance concept. Finished in Summit White, the Camaro Performance concept is marked with black and red accents on the hood, lower body sides, lower air intake, and the decklid. The front splitter and side mirrors are black, as is the panel between the taillamps, while the black interior gets red highlights. The Performance concept also sports billet-finish 20-inch wheels, a suspension lowering kit, and a Brembo front-brake upgrade kit with six-piston calipers.



Chevrolet Camaro Krypton

“Krypton,” Chevrolet explains, “is one of the six noble gases and is used to help illuminate fluorescent lights.” But you probably remembered that from chemistry class. Krypton is also the name given the custom green hue of the Camaro Krypton concept, which is based on the V-6 Camaro with the RS package. Should the electric green and black two-tone somehow fail to catch your attention, the paint is literally electrified: the electroluminescent bow-tie graphics on the body sides light up. Unfortunately, that trick feature is not something you can order out of the Camaro accessories catalog—at least not yet.

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