Local Motors Has An All New 3D Printed Car Design

Local Motors, the innovative company with the deceptively low-key name, has been researching and developing the use of 3D printing for car bodies for some time. At the last Detroit Auto Show, they printed a car, right there at their booth. Now they have an all-new, sleeker, and more practical design.

Local Motors Has An All New 3D Printed Car Design

The original Local Motors 3D printed car was impressive, in concept, but was still clearly experimental. Based on a Renault Twizzy drivetrain, it would really only be capable of 40 MPH or so — but, considering it’s a proof of concept, that’s still remarkable. That first car, Strati, weighed a bit more than a stock Twizzy, but pointed the way to a very exciting future of auto design and manufacture.

source: gizmodo.com by Jason Torchinsky

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