Hautlence Vortex Primary

One sometimes wonders if Hautlence will run out of ideas dreaming up new ways to present time on a dial. It conceivable might, one day. Even the sun will burn out in due time. But not this year. For Geneva, Hautlence presented the Vortex Primary, its second watch co-designed with ex-footballer Eric Cantona. Think stained glass vitrine for a piece of kinetic sculpture. That would be what the Vortex Primary basically is.

The case is a complex construct of PVD coated grade titanium and 19 different coloured panels sapphire crystal, red ruby, blue spinel and yellow corundum, weighing in at just 48 grams and allowing the movement to be viewed from all sides. The movement itself is also unique, with chain driven jumping hours, power reserve indicator for 40 hours at ‘3’ and the regulator at ‘6’ that rotates through 60 degrees every hour. In a limited edition of 18 pieces.

source: revolution.watch

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