Google donates $5.3 million in Chromebooks for refugees

To give some of the millions of refugees in Europe access to education and asylum application information, Google is equipping nonprofits in Germany with Chromebooks. The company announced a $5.3 million grantand the launch of Project Reconnect, an initiative with NetHope that will distribute the computers to organizations working with refugees. Google says the Chromebook has a proven track record when it comes to education, and in this case, it can be used to run learning and language apps or provide access to government info for those seeking asylum.

“They’re automatically kept up to date with the latest features, apps and virus protection,” explained director Jacquelline Fuller. “And they can be configured and managed by a central administrator (in this case the nonprofits) to offer relevant programs, content and materials depending on the situation.”

Nonprofits can apply for a grant that covers up to 5,000 Chromebooks. The first distribution scheduled for March 1st, but a second round is set to follow after. Organizations working with refugees that are interested in applying for the program can do so right here. Project Reconnect follows Google’s campaign last fall that matched donations to specific nonprofits and the the launch of a Crisis Info Hub that provides details on lodging, medical facilities and transportation.

source: by Billy Steele

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