Mark Zuckerberg Makes $6 Billion in One Day, Becomes Sixth Richest Person on Earth

Mark Zuckerberg​, a man who awesomely wears some variation of the exact same thing every single day (genius), is having one hell of an amazing week. Facebook stock enjoyed a nice surge of more than 10 percent on Thursday after shattering Wall Street’s holiday quarter estimates, Mashable reports. This jump shuffled Bloomberg’s Billionaires Index significantly, boosting Zuckerberg to sixth place with an estimated worth of $47 billion.

In a particularly victorious move, Zuckerberg‘s one-day haul of $6 billion was enough to surpass the infamous Koch brothers, Charles and David, a family duo perhaps most known for guiding the American political system toward its inevitable collapse:

Facebook‘s total 2015 haul of nearly $18 billion, greatly aided by a holiday quarter intake of $5.8 billion, represents quite a comeback for the social media giant. Best of all, Zuckerberg recently revealed plans todonate 99 percent of his Facebook shares to various charity groups.

Lesson of the day year: Wear the same thing every day, achieve great success.

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