Turn Crayola Markers Into Spray Paint Without all those Nasty Fumes

Graffiti and vandalism might be illegal, but as Banksy has proved, there’s a lot of money to be had in artfully tagging buildings. So instead of steering your kids toward a career path in medicine, Crayola’s updated Air Marker Sprayer might prepare them for a future as a renegade artist.

Instead of having to mix thinner and paints like you have to do with a professional airbrush machine, which also requires constant cleaning, the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer simply requires you to stick one of those chunky Crayola markers in the tip. It’s held in place with a plastic ring you then tighten, at which point you just pull the trigger and start to paint.

You might be thinking to yourself, “haven’t I already seen a marker-based airbrush toy before?” You have, but the older version of this toy had a handle that kids would have to continually pump to pressurize an air canister, and that’s simply not fun.

The new version of the Air Marker Sprayer—that will sell for $30 when finally available—now comes with an electric pump that continuously runs when plugged into the wall. There are no handles to manually pump, and no batteries to replace, so kids can just focus on their artistic creations.

The Air Marker Sprayer is quite easy to use, and is surprisingly therapeutic. At the Crayola booth the company was displaying some genuine art created with the toy that far surpassed the crappy doodles we quickly created.

The toy also supports pretty much all the markers Crayola sells, too. So you could swap in a fabric marker if you wanted and get busy creating souvenir t-shirts and the like. And according to the Crayola rep who was demonstrating the product, the Air Marker Sprayer doesn’t significantly decrease the life of the markers either. So kids can go back to drawing and coloring with them at any time.

source: gizmodo.com by Andrew Liszewski



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