Plane Debris Found in Africa Could Be the Second Recovered Piece of MH370

CNN reports that a piece of plane wreckage found off Mozambique in southeastern Africa likely belongs to lost plane Malaysia Airlines 370.

Over the weekend, a piece of a Boeing 777 was found washed ashore Mozambique, and it’s already on its way to Malaysia for examination. As CNN points out, aviation experts say this debris likely belongs to MH370, as there is no record of any other Boeing 777 as reported missing.

The debris found was a piece of horizontal stabilizer skin (part of those small wings on a plane’s tail). NBC News reports that it was discovered by an American blogger who has been writing about the missing plane, and that the piece has the words “NO STEP” on it.

If confirmed to be a part of the missing plane, the component will be the second piece of MH370 officials have found. Last summer, a jet wing flaperon that was discovered on the remote African island of Reunion was found and confirmed to have come from MH370. Reunion is over 1,000 miles from Mozambique.

MH370 vanished while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board on March 8, 2014.

source: by Bryan Lufkin


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