Michael Mann Is Developing Another ‘Heat’ Movie

As far as heist films go, there is probably no movie more beloved than director Michael Mann‘s 1995 crime masterpiece Heat. Not only was it the first (and only good) movie to put Robert De Niro and Al Pacino on screen together (they were both in The Godfather II, but not at the same time), it contains an epic bank robbery/shootout scene that I dare you to top in terms of intensity. It cemented the Michael Mann style.

That is why it is with great excitement that it comes to us fromDeadline that Mann is working toward a new prequel that would expand on the noirish L.A. crime world we first encountered in Heat. Mann has just inked a deal to launch Michael Mann Books, which will make use of a stable of writers to generate novels that will simultaneously be developed as movies and TV projects.

The Heat prequel is reportedly at the top of the list of priorities when Michael Mann Books gets going. The novel would come out first and tell the origin story of the main characters from the film, including detective Vincent Hanna (Pacino), and bank robbers Neil McCauley (De Niro) and Chris Shihirles (Val Kilmer). The report doesn’t mention anything about Trejo, the getaway driver played by Danny Trejo, but fingers crossed.

It’s not clear whether or not Mann would be directing the prequel or just producing it through the new company. Mann, who also directedThe Last of the Mohicans, The Insider, Ali, Collateral Damage and Miami Vice, hasn’t directed a film since 2009’s Public Enemies starring Johnny Depp. More recently, he executive produced HBO’s ill-fated horse racing drama Luck.

For now, let’s just take a moment to appreciate perfection.

source: complex.com BY

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