Anthony Davis Is Out for the Season

The Pelicans‘ season will end in April. They’re 25-43 and Anthony Davis is hobbled with knee and shoulder injuries. So, to prevent aggravating those injuries, it makes sense to sit him out for the rest of the season. Coach Alvin Gentry confirmed he was doing just that. He announced that Davis was benched for the remainder of the season. Gentry also said the star forward will undergo surgery, but he didn’t specify what kind.

“You know good and well that he loves playing and wants to be good,” Gentry said. “He feels a huge obligation to try to make this team better, try to get him back to where they were last year — making the playoffs and stuff like that.”

Gentry’s decision pretty much forces the Pelicans to limp through the rest of the season. But it’s worth noting that they’ve been struggling with injuries the entire year, which is part of why they have such a poor record. New Orleans fans have been dealing with bad news all season, though; the rest of us now have to make do without any more Davis highlights.

source: BY

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