Stop What You’re Doing And Bask In The Glory Of These Unreal Bungalows

In the world of luxury travel accommodations, overwater bungalows are by far the most Pinterest-worthy.

Whether you’re a honeymooner, a solo traveler or a family looking for a tropical getaway, booking a private bungalow drenched in sunshine is always a good idea.

Sandals resorts is taking overwater bungalows to the next level with its new Over-The-Water Suites at Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica — and they look like everything we’ve ever wanted in a resort and more.

Between the private infinity pool, crystal clear glass floor panels, overwater hammock and infinite expanse of aquamarine ocean, you’ll never want to stay on land again. And did we mention they’re all-inclusive?

Sandals says the luxury resort is “a first-of-its-kind in the Caribbean,” and the all-inclusive package includes a personal butler and private boat rides to and from your bungalow.

You can book a stay now, but they won’t officially be available until November. And you’ll have to spend some serious cash. At around $4,000 per night, these little pieces of paradise don’t come cheap.

In the meantime, we’ll be obsessively shaking our piggybanks and basking in the glory of these beautiful photos. A little daydreaming never hurt anybody.

Glass floors, people.




source: by Landess Kearns

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