7 Style Rules to Break This Spring

Rules are meant to be broken. Well, some of them shouldn’t be, because they’re, like, illegal. But those unspoken ones, especially pertaining to style and fashion, are up for grabs. The way men’s style is evolving nowadays constantly leaves the state of what’s cool and what’s not in flux because there are no more set requirements to meet. So the rules of yore that your grandpa, dad, and even older brothers lived by are dust in the wind, left to be interpreted by a new breed of men’s style advocates.

The whole philosophy of personal style has, arguably, never been more relevant than it is today, with so much inspiration to pull from both on and offline. The menswear market is one of the fastest growing sectors globally. Why? Because more men care about their style and more men care about what works best for them. This all includes shunning old, fuddy-duddy rules that no longer apply. So, why not take them head on? Here are ​7 Style Rules to Break This Spring.

Socks With Slide Sandals

One of the basic, cardinal sins of style is, well, pretty basic: slide sandals worn with socks. Today, though, socks can serve as your coolest accessory, with designers like Gosha Rubchinskiy and Raf Simons bringing us high-end streetwear bangers, while slides have become go-to cozy boy footwear, even spawning the brand Sandal Boyz who exist with an emphasis on the footloose footwear. Mix and match high and low to let everyone know you truly do not give a hoot, even if you really do.

Overalls and Jumpsuits Aren’t for Farmers and Toddlers Anymore

Jumpsuits have been making a slow but steady comeback over the past few years, while overalls have been the younger, equally risky cousin just waiting to get some bump, too. Now, it’s time to give both their shine. Supreme’s 2012 collaborative jumpsuit with Adam Kimmel introduced the one-piece to streetwear mavens, who responded with either an “LOL” or a “well, if Supreme is behind it, so am I!” And guess what? They also introduced a denim overall in 2014 that looked like it could belong to the mechanic up the road. Do they deserve all of the credit? Absolutely not, but a discussion was had and now it’s on and poppin’ with Wang, Givenchy, A.P.C., and Balmain­­ all putting their chips in the pot.

Your Suit Doesn’t Have to Be So Drab

The #menswear movement of a few years back is long gone, along with a buttload of silk handkerchiefs, double monk shoes, and spread-collar oxfords. But suits remain an everyday necessity for many. There are definitely some basics to suit wearing everyone should consider based on their body type, but there are also some details that are completely up for interpretation. For spring, introduce a lightweight suit with more than just a “pop” of color, and go for the whole shebang-a-bang with bright, vibrant pieces that emphasize the season. The many spring/summer 2016 options include chinoiserie, patterns featuring dragons, floral, or wildlife based on Eastern traditions, and other alternative takes on traditional suiting for warmer months.

When in Doubt, Size Up One…or Three

There’s no doubt that the words “slim” and “skinny” are practically intertwined in the proverbial fabric of today’s fashion industry for men. And even though Kanye claims to have popularized skinny denim, he may have played a key part in the current baggy movement, too. From crewnecks and unstructured coats to trousers, baggy, saggy, and draped, all were big this winter. So why can’t it carry over into spring? Light jackets, shorts, and T-shirts can still rep the legacy of the ultra-wide, especially when brands are going out of their way to make sure they have that extra room in their pieces. Look to guys who have been doing it for a while, like Rick Owens and Raf Simons, and toss in some newcomers like Wil Fry or Astrid Andersen, who are offering new interpretations of the look. You can even look to fashion favorite Vetements for inspiration, as they do this unorthodox look the absolute best.

Mixing Aesthetics

Genres are very much a part of fashion. Dapper. Punk. Americana. Cozy boy. Once upon a time, the divisions were what made menswear. Some people identified specifically with one of these niches because of the lifestyle incorporated with it. But now, the wardrobe lines are blurring. We’ve seen the popularity of mixing high and low, streetwear and couture, but there are ways to take it a step further. Traditional Japanese noragis with ripped, skinny jeans. Camouflaged military trousers with technical sneakers. The opportunities are endless because no genre is off-limits from being mixed and matched.

Wear Your Activism on Your Sleeve

There are real societal and systemic issues that need attention. And while we are sometimes warned against being too vocal about what we believe in, more and more mediums are now available to help us share our thoughts, with fashion being one of them. Acne Studio’s collection, fighting for feminism from the men’s side of the collection, or Pyer Moss’ continued message, fighting systemic racism, are both direct answers to “how can I literally wear my opinion on my sleeve?”

Unkempt Is No Longer Uncouth

There are some people who would never ever think of rolling out of bed and heading straight to anywhere of significance. It’s taboo to look as though you’re too lazy or too busy to actually get out of bed and do something with your life. But, in actuality, the ultra casual and unkempt look could be the result of careful planning, especially when you consider your expensive John Elliott sweatpants, perfectly messy hair, and sweatshirt tattered with precision. Taking this approach can truly garner reactions on both sides of the spectrum, depending on where you are and who takes notice. But, it should be about being comfortable anyway, right?

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