Why Keeping Your Identity Safe Has Never Been Harder

Identity theft is rising in all sectors. It’s rampant in tax, the medical sector, and banking. There’s more money than ever before in the identity theft protectionindustry, as well. Yet consumers still feel as if they are in an impossible situation. Too much security and it becomes inconvenient to take advantage of a service. Too little security and there’s the risk that a hack attack will happen.

So why is keeping your identity safe harder than ever before?

People Don’t Understand the Internet

The Internet has not yet reached its peak. Over the last few years, Internet usage has exploded, but at the same time it’s led to inexperienced users trying to take advantage of services they don’t understand. This is especially true with online shopping.

There are still a spectacular number of people without anti-virus software, and those that do have it may not be keeping it regularly updated. A lot of Internet users remain in the dark about the threat to their identities. They don’t realize what hackers are capable of.

Only a intensive effort to educate people will help remedy the situation, otherwise people will only learn the hard way.

Are Hackers More Sophisticated?

This is a difficult question to answer. It’s not so much that hackers are more sophisticated it’s that they have advanced with the times. Identity theft still happened in the early 2000s when most people weren’t using the Internet. The difference is more criminals are using the Internet, rather than real world scams in order to make an income.

They have realized that fewer people are carrying cash and fewer people are receiving paper documents at home with private information on it. Instead, they are doing everything online, and so criminals have little choice but to involve themselves in hacking.

The Numbers Are Increasing

You may have noticed the spike in the number of hack attacks in recent years. This is not because security methods are failing and hackers are getting better at their jobs. It’s due to the fact that at the same time the number of Internet users have spiked.

It’s only natural that as the Internet grows so will the number of attacks.

Attacks are Diversifying

Think of online theft and you may think of bank fraud or a scam involving online shopping. This is what hackers want you to think because if they are operating in alternate industries they know that the security won’t be as strong. One industry that has been hit incredibly hard is the medical industry.

In 2014, the number of adult patients hit with medical bill fraud was 2.3 million, which is up from 1.4 million five years previously. One of the reasons for this is simply because people were not prepared, and this applies to both hospitals and patients alike.

Hackers are moving away from their traditional focuses and people and business are not prepared.

The Evolution Game

The future is bleak for the future of identity protection. The reality is that both hackers and security firms are in an arm race with each other. As soon as hackers spot a loophole security firms rush to close it. And the cycle continues again and again. It can feel like as a consumer you have no control over the situation. And, to an extent, you don’t. But you can take steps to avoid identity theft.

Choose the Right Passwords – A password needs to be as secure as possible. But it also needs to be something you can remember. Make sure you protect your passwordby changing it at least every six months, and try not to use the same code for every website.

Update Your Anti-Virus – Many people have an anti-virus system, but they don’t actually keep it updated. And that represents a huge problem. Allow your software to run automatic updates and never postpone actually making the updates until later.

Secure Your Network – It goes further than simply securing your computer against harm. You have to secure your network. Make sure your network is password protected and that only authorized parties are able to use it.

As you can see, basic security isn’t difficult. It doesn’t require any technical experience. All it requires is the will to handle your security.

Last Word–Security is More Important Than Ever

There has never been anything more important than your security. As hackers evolve, security firms must do the same. You may not have control over the software coming onto the market, but by addressing basic security needs there’s no reason why you can’t avoid becoming the victim of identity theft.

source: inc.com  BY AJ AGRAWAL


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