NBA Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson Claims Buddy Hield Is a Better-Skilled Player Than Steph Curry

Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield is at the top of the many college basketball fan’s “best player” lists. Now he’s even got the co-sign as the best player in not just the country, but possibly the world over from basketball iconOscar Robertson.

Hield was awarded college basketball’s Oscar Robertson Trophy on Friday. The First Team All-American and Associated Player of the Year Award runner-up was compared by The Big O to the skill set of the NBA’s reigning MVP, and arguably the best player across the globe,Steph Curry.

Robertson had some choice words in his comparison that sounded like subliminal shots at Curry’s arsenal versus Hield’s game. “I don’t think any of these players can guard him, just like Steph Curry, they can’t guard him,” Robertson said. “Plus, [Hield] can go inside and he can rebound. It means a lot also other than being [a shooter], he’s a great basketball player.”

This is the second time this year that Robertson has commented in a negative tone about Curry’s performance. He previously cited Curry’s success in the NBA due to “sub-par defense in the league.” Why is The Big O hating on Chef Curry so much? The world may never know.

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