Scottie Pippen Says 1996 Bulls Would Sweep the Warriors, He’d Hold Steph Curry To Under 20 Points

With just six games left in the regular season, the Warriors (68-8) after closing in on the best record in NBA history. Since their season began with another mark at 24 consecutive wins to start this season, numerous basketball pundits and NBA retirees such as Charles Barkleyhave been discussing the imagined scenario of who would win in a game series: the Warriors or the 1996 Chicago Bulls, who were 72-10 that year.

Now the question has been thrown at one of the greatest defensive players in NBA history, Scottie Pippen, the second-best player on that ’96 squad to Michael Jordan. Last year, he claimed that ’96 Bulls would be 75-7 during the regular season in the current NBA era. Pippen not only repeated his former teammate Ron Harper’s claim that they would sweep the Warriors in a series, but also went so far to claim that he would lock down Steph Curry to under 20 points.

There you have it. Once the NBA playoffs begin, we can finally put this exhausted question to rest.

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