Ticketmaster Is Going to Start Selling Tickets Directly Through Facebook

Ticketmaster is going to start selling event tickets directly on Facebookin the coming weeks. “We’ve heard feedback from venues and artists that Facebook is an important platform for [artists] to update and connect with fans,” a spokesperson for the social network said in a statement to Fortune earlier today.

“We’re excited to help partners like Ticketmaster sell more tickets via Facebook and to make ticket purchasing easier and faster for people.” Every time a ticket is sold on Facebook, the social network will earn an affiliate fee, but the tickets will still need to be claimed from Ticketmaster’s own website. The new feature will mean Ticketmaster joins the growing number of companies working in conjunction with the social media company to improve business.

This isn’t the first time the ticket sales distribution company has teamed up with a company. Back in 2015, Ticketmaster linked up withJay Z‘s Tidal for a new venture that would allow the music streaming service’s users to purchase tickets for concerts directly on the service. The new partnership also enabled users to see upcoming tour dates directly where they were listening to their music. Live Nation’s partnership with Facebook is just one more move that shows company’s are constantly trying to adapt to the ever-changing music landscape.

source: complex.com BY

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