Life in coastal cities in North America has been defined by two things in the 21st century: rising rents and rising sea levels. The Unidentified Floating Object–a mobile, modular, house-boat concept from Jet Capsule–is an answer to both problems. When the land is too expensive and/or underwater, why not just move out into the sea?

Jet Capsule Homes From Beneath

The disk-homes are 40 feet in diameter. Like the flying saucers that lend the UFO its name, the disks bulge in the middle, to accommodate an above-sea and below-sea room. Each room is designed to be 7 feet 2 inches at the deepest, so this isn’t a great fit for any basketball players (they can probably afford to stay on land, anyway). Below deck there’s a bathroom and a bedroom, accessed by a ladder from the above-water top deck, which is a combined kitchen, living, and dining room. It’s all the compact thrill of a tiny house, only with the added danger of Poseidon’s wrath.

Jet Capsule Village

The UFOs are designed to harvest sustainable power from the environment around them, with turbines collecting wind and water power, and solar panels gathering electricity. Inside batteries store the energy, and there’s even an electronic anchor to send down below.

How will people get to these homes? Assuming the vegetable garden and fishing isn’t enough, people can commute to jobs on the shore in Jet Capsule’s actual jet capsules, an enclosed jetski like design. Jet Capsule isn’t just planning the suburbs of the sea, it wants to sell the car that makes suburban aquatic living possible.

The Jet Capsule Jet Capsule

Check out the rest of Jet Capsule’s design at design boom.

source: popsci.com

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