Airlines Are Going to Start Charging More for Aisle and Window Seats

Picking your seat on an airplane is all about strategy. An aisle seat may provide the most room, but you have to get up every time someone wants to go to the bathroom. The window seat is a good option for heavy sleepers, but you make both of your row mates get up if you want to get up and stretch your legs. Sitting in the middle, squished between two people doesn’t have any advantages, and airlines are catching on: aisle and window seats are going to start costing more.

Airlines have discovered some sneaky ways to charge passengers for better seats. Southwest raised the price of early boarding, and most customers who board early snag the coveted aisle and window seats. Basic economy passengers on Delta can’t choose their seats until 24 hours before before departure by which time those who have paid a higher fare have probably taken the window and aisle seats. Accordingto Paste Magazine, United and American Airlines are going to adopt similar policies.

Seating also has everything to do with when you book your flight. Airline expert Scott Mayerowitz said, “Regardless of what fare you book, if you book only a few weeks before your trip, the only seats left are those middle seats or the ones next to the bathroom.”

Experts advise using sites that send passengers email notifications when an aisle or window seat becomes available. Either way, you may have to come to terms with being sandwiched between the snorer and the passenger with the small bladder next time you cruise the skyways.

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