Why Keeping Your Identity Safe Has Never Been Harder

Identity theft is rising in all sectors. It’s rampant in tax, the medical sector, and banking. There’s more money than ever before in the identity theft protectionindustry, as well. Yet consumers still feel as if they are in an impossible situation. Too much security and it becomes inconvenient to take advantage of a service. Too little security and there’s the risk that a hack attack will happen.

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Researchers believe they’ve discovered ‘anti-memories’

According to new research out of Oxford University, and published in the journal Neuron, a team of scientists believe that they’ve found the neurological equivalent of anti-matter. Just as anti-matter acts as the mirror image of subatomic particles, these “anti-memories” may exist as the bizarro versions of our memories.

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The Lakers Have No Winners

So this is how the season ends for the Lakers—a team in disarray and playing for nothing. The 20-year-old rookie ostracized for airing out the business of the wannabe celebrity; the 37-year-old soon-to-be Hall of Famer playing out the string; the presumably lame-duck coach having lost control of basically everything and still spouting outdated theories. And this is all supposed to be attractive to free agents how?

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