Fearless Black Woman Protested a Neo-Nazi March Completely by Herself

The right to protest is one of the most crucial human rights in existence. While there are plenty of ways to protest—some moresymbolic than others—the right to do so helps us maintain agency in the most upsetting of situations. We’ve seen all the horrible things that can happen to Trump protestors, for example. These acts are seriously unfortunate but simultaneously illustrate the courage protesting requires. That brings us to one very brave black woman named Tess Asplund, who protested a neo-Nazi march in Sweden by raising her fist among hundreds of white supremacists—a powerful image that has since gone viral.

42-year-old Aplund, who stood up to over 300 neo-Nazis marching through the streets of Borlänge, Sweden, said her decision to protest was impulsive. She said she was overcome by anger that galvanized her to action in the heat of the moment. “I was thinking, ‘Hell, no, they can’t march here!” she told the The Guardian.” I had this adrenaline. No Nazi is going to march here, it’s not okay,”

In an image circulating the Internet, Asplund is seen raising her fist as she stands firmly in the way of a parade of neo-Nazis. It was a gesture she had reportedly seen Nelson Mandela use. The white supremacists Asplund boldly defied are members of the Nordic Resistant Movement, an organization considered part of Sweden’s white power movement and known for its opposition to non-white immigration to Sweden.

In a Youtube video that has surfaced, it appears that Asplund had successfully recruited another protestor, who can be seen standing behind her, clapping and chanting, until he is violently shoved out of the way. Asplund’s act of commendable bravery has garnered comparisons to another famous image of a Swedish woman in 1985 protesting Nazis, which shows her smacking one of the skinheads with her handbag.

The image of Asplund among the marchers quickly gained attention on Twitter. Celebrities like J.K. Rowling posted the picture on Twitter as an act of appreciation and solidarity.

source: complex.com BY

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