The #ObsoleteJobSkills Best Left Off Your Resume

Sometimes in humor, there is truth. With #ObsoleteJobSkills trending on Twitter, we thought a few of these gems may be striking a bit too close to home for older workers. See if you agree: (And for anyone looking for serious tips about things to drop from their resumes, start with this list.)

1. Working the fax machine. 

2. Repairing a telephone — and traveling to someone’s home to do it.

3. Managing a Blockbuster store.

4. Yes, rewinding was once a job skill.

5. Reading an analogue clock.

6. Manufacturing a road atlas. Hello GPS and MapQuest?

7. Operating an office switchboard.

8. Knowing grammar — at any job.

9. Using software that nobody uses anymore.

10. Typing fast vs texting fast.

source: by Ann Brenoff

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