Watch 5-Foot-9 Nate Robinson Show Off His Insane Skills by Dunking On a 12-Foot Hoop

Here’s a video clip that may give you extreme envy if you’re a basketball player who’s always wanted to dunk but never could overcome the crappy genetics that were handed down to you by your parents. It’s Nate Robinson, all 5-foot-9 of him, tossing down a dunk on a 12-foot hoop. While you’re already well aware that 12 feet is a daunting, utterly absurd, altitude for a rim, the elevation that was necessary for Robinson is probably best appreciated at the end (after Robinson hits the floor) where you can compare/see just how high he had to literally go to rack up likes on Instagram.

Now sure, by now your eagle eye may’ve noticed that that basketball isn’t regulation sized either, and is yellow, and kind of looks more like a freakin’ tennis ball, but still when the hoop is over twice your height it’s jaw dropping all the same, regardless of what you’re putting through the net.

In the past Robinson has won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest three times, most recently doing so in 2010. This is to say that he’s kept those knees (which are 32-years-old, by the way) in near mint condition.

More currently he has spent the last few months hooping it up in theIsraeli Premier League, and trying to break in to the NFL for some odd reason with the Seattle Seahawks. It’s unclear if this display of athleticism will do squat to impress scouts for either sport, but still consider us total nobodies thoroughly entertained.

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