Summer is a torturous time, trying to decide whether to make your weekendgetaway by land or sea. Well the Sealander eliminates that quandary, since it travels equally well on the surf as it does on the turf.

Made in Germany using both state-of-the-art car and boat manufacturing technology, its hull is a monocoque shell of reinforced fiberglass laminate. With a gross weight of 1,100 pounds, it’s towable with midsize and larger vehicles.

When you’re ready to make the amphibious transition, back her into the drink, strap on the long pin motor and let her go. Then just relax as you tool around, taking in the views through its tinted panoramic windows and the convertible folding polyester top. Or weigh anchor and take a dip, using the polished stainless steel swim ladder on your way out. Watch the video here:

The 2016 base model starts just north of $17,000 and is available with a whole slew of optional packages that add everything from a kickass audio system to LED lighting to an onboard barbecue, shower, sink and toilet.

Oh yes, you could definitely take this thing away for the weekend. You know you want to.

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