Odell Beckham Jr. Collaborates With Sprayground to Bring His Iconic Catch to This Backpack

Odell Beckham Jr.’s amazing catch against the Dallas Cowboys during his rookie year vaulted him to superstar status and landed him on the cover of Madden 16. Now, the New York Giants star wideout is immortalizing the catch even further by throwing it on a backpack made in collaboration with Sprayground.

The backpack features a patch of Beckham’s stretched-out snag and throws some angel wings on him for good measure. Surrounding the figure is ODB’s jersey number, 13, and beneath it is a giant shark mouth in Giants colors: red, white, and blue. All this sits atop a camo canvas. Beckham worked hand-in-hand with Sprayground’s founder and creative director David Ben-David to make sure his creative vision was executed.

Beckham has worked with Sprayground in the past on a pack that was a little bit more obvious about the receiver’s “wings” concept. The backpack was designed like a jersey—with Beckham Jr. and his number printed on the back—and much like a Red Bull, it actually gave you wings. That limited-edition item is now sold out from Sprayground’s store.

Like its previous collab item, Sprayground x ODB’s new “Giant Shark DLXX” is a limited-edition item that will not be reproduced once its gone. Make like Odell Beckham and catch the backpack over on Sprayground’s website.

source: complex.com BY

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