Whereas the upcoming Nintendo and Sega mini consoles each offer dozens of built-in classic video games (30 and 80, respectively), true retro gaming nirvana lies within the cabinets of Bespoke Arcades‘ amazing machines, which all come with more than 800 games.

Even better, you can download dozens of emulators to enable these full-size arcades to run a mind-blowing 50,000+ games. That includes titles from such popular systems as Nintendo (Gamecube and Wii), Sega (Dreamcast, Genesis, M2, M3 and ST-V) and Sony (PlayStation 1 and 2), along with a bunch of smaller ones.

Heck, you can even hook up your current PlayStation or Xbox, to experience the sound and graphics as nature intended, in the arcade style. (No quarters or tokens necessary.)

The narrow Apex and wider Evo standups (Photo: Bespoke Arcades)

Now that you know you want it, here comes the tough part: Do you want a stand-up model, narrow or widescreen? How about a sit-down model, in the Japanese or cocktail table style? Whatever configuration you choose, you can have any of the media packages pre-loaded onto it.

We happen to like the modern look of the Nu-Gen Japanese sit-down with the Elite media package, because it offers wireless connectivity, a Blu-ray drive, the fastest processor, the most memory and storage, the greatest game and emulator compatibility, and a Bose sound system with jukebox functionality.

The Synergy cocktail table style (Photo: Bespoke Arcades)

These mouthwateringly cool machines start around $2,000 for refurbished models and go up to about $8,000 for their top end new ones—of course, that’s before any customization, which runs the gamut, depending on what kind of materials and graphics you’re into. But they can do just about whatever you want.

If you’d like to check them out (and play some free games) in person, stop by this weekend’s London Film and Comic Con starting tomorrow.

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