Andaluz The Artist Paints Insane Pokemon Go Wall

Andaluz the Artist writes:

I caught all 151 pokemon at my design studio. I was so excited about the new Pokemon craze that I decided to paint all 151 of the 1st gen Pokemon on the side of my building. This mural represents peace, safety and unity within the community. With so many issues in the world today I feel like we needed a positive message.

With phrases like “Don’t Pokemon go and drive” and “Save the Earth”, I wanted to show the youth of today that we can all unite if we change our fleshly flaws by putting our faith in God to upbuild our good Spirit. As a 1st generation pokemon fan I was disappointed that my design studio (On Da Loose) on 231 broadway-greenlawn in Huntington NY was not considered a PokeStop or PokeGym. If all of you guys could try and help me make this store into a PokeStop/Gym I would truly appreciate it. Make sure to like and share and catch’em all at my store.”


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