What began as an ambitious project to create the world’s first transportable, environmentally friendly five-star boutique hotel morphed into Autonomous Tent, the stunning semi-permanent structure you see before you.

Its production team includes an all-star lineup of architects, engineers and master craftsmen that’s headlined by living legend Harry Gesner, whose famous Cooper Wave House design back in the 50s inspired the Sydney Opera House design.

If available, it can hook into local utilities (Photo: Autonomous Tent Co)

Although originally intended to be seasonal, these ultra luxurious tents (given how amazing they are, it feels kinda weird calling them that, but they are) can be enjoyed year-round. Their frames consist of laminated beams, steel or aluminum tubes, resting on a raised wooden deck and enveloped by a high-tech mildew, rot and pest resistant translucent fabric.

Make no mistake, even though this environmentally low-impact abode doesn’t require a foundation, it’s sturdy as hell. In fact, it’s engineered to stand up to serious snow loads, lashing rains and hurricane force winds.

A stove and insulation make it versatile, year-round (Photo: Autonomous Tent Co)

Of course, its interior design is at your whim. But it is able to integrate with existing electricity, gas, water and sewer systems, should they be available. In more remote locations, other accommodations can be made, such as a small solar array to power lights, hot water, composting and a filter system that safely returns shower and sink water back to the natural landscape.

An eco-friendly way to enjoy secluded natural locations (Photo: Autonomous Tent Co)

Able to be raised in just a few days and “leave without a trace,” the Autonomous Tent comes in two varieties: the Cocoon studio (700 square feet, $100,000) and multi-room Tipi (1,000 square feet, $200, 000).

Now all you have to do is find the most picturesque possible spot for one of these and have it shipped there.

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