Parisian custom motorcycle designer Sylvain Berneron’s Holographic Hammerstudio cranks out mind-bending bike sketches that beg to be built, so Fuelmagazine chatted with the two-wheeled stylist about his renderings.

Buell board tracker

Berneron says he turned childhood doodles into first a six-month internship at BMW and later into a five-year gig there, where he worked on projects such as theConcept Ninety.

Suzuki GSXR1000

Today, for about $400, he’ll sketch four design proposals for your very own custom ride. He also consults for the bike manufacturers, helping beautify upcoming models for them.

Roland Sands Design Indian Chief

If you want to draw designs, Berneron advises that you keep it old school. “In my opinion, the best is to start with a good old pen and a white piece of paper to learn the basics like the tracing, coloring, lights and shadows,” he told Fuel. “Then when you feel confident on paper you can switch to the screen to save time.”

In the meantime, let’s hope these cool as hell concepts become a reality real soon.

Buell XB12R
Yamaha XS650 bobber
Buell Dagger board tracker



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